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Powered Parachute Flying in Monument Valley, Utah
Powered Parachute Flying in Monument Valley, Utah
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Powered Parachute Flight Training in California

People ask "how safe are these powered parachutes?"

They are the most forgiving aircraft you can fly. You are flying under a parachute, so your recovery system is already deployed.
If the engine quits, you still have full direction control and you land.

As a safe pilot who has been flying these since 1992, I am always looking for good spots for a landing should this occur. The pendulum design of powered parachutes prevents you from getting into a position that could cause you to stall, and fall out of the sky. The pendulum system design is what makes a powered parachute so stable and forgiving.

This is as close to flying with the birds as you can get in aviation today!

Powered parachute, paraplanes, no matter what you call them, are a lot of fun, a real outdoor adventure. Some call it an adrenalin rush. Flying in powered parachutes low and slow, (at 28 to 30 MPH) taking in the view of the countryside, seeing things like rabbits scurrying about trying to get away from a predator like a coyote, or maybe deer or elk in some parts of the country. Flying powered parachutes allows you to safely get low over the open countryside, giving you a spectacular view, allowing you some great photo opportunities. You can also take pictures of your friends flying their paraplanes along with you, with the distant mountains as a backdrop. With proper flight training, you can earn your FAA powered parachute sport pilot certificate and you can easily fly your powered parachute over open country low for many miles with your best friend, wife or significant other along for the ride in your 2 place powered parachute, enjoying the feel of flight while the ground seems to rush by as you follow the dips & turns with your powered parachute. You can also enjoy spectacular vistas (like Monument Valley) from high above the earth, flying many thousands of feet up in the air, seeing for many miles in all directions while you seem to hardly move at all. Flying powered parachutes is the closest you may ever come to experiencing a magic carpet ride.

If the adventure of flying in powered parachutes sounds like something you would like to experience, then you've come to the right place. We are one of the few areas where you can fly almost year round. Some of the best flying is in the cooler fall and winter months, as we just dress warmer. The powered parachute aircraft will perform even better in the cool dense air, and the morning flying times is extended longer in these months. Of course, flying a powered parachute in shirt sleeves in the warmer months is great too, and you can work on your tan as you fly.

Inland Paraflite, Inc. has been in the Powered Parachute (PPC) industry since 1993, making us one of the most experienced powered parachute flight training centers in the USA today. We are the only year round, full time powered parachute training center located in California.

Your Chief Flight Instructor, Phil Dietro, has been flying powered parachutes since 1992, and went through the Paraplane powered parachute instructor training program in 1993 when he became a Paraplane dealer. He later became a powered parachute BFI (Basic Flight Instructor) under the ASC powered parachute exemption, and then moved over to the EAA powered parachute exemption program, becoming a powered parachute UFI (Ultralight Flight Instructor) for powered parachutes, and a short time after that became a powered parachute UFIE (Ultralight Flight Instructor Examiner). When the Sport Pilot program was introduced in 2004, he started making plans to transition to an FAA certificated powered parachute sport pilot and CFI. There was a lot of studying to be done to prepare for the FAA CFI powered parachute written knowledge test, which Phil took and passed. This was a requirement prior to doing the practical tests (also known as check rides) for powered parachute sport pilot and CFI. In September of 2005 Phil went to Greenville, Illinois and took and passed both practical tests, administered by Roy Beisswenger of Easy Flight, Inc. and earned his FAA powered parachute sport pilot rating and FAA powered parachute CFI (Certified Flight Instructor) for PPCL or what we refer to as Powered Parachute land category and class. He then was selected to attend and went to the FAA examiner school in June of 2006 and earned his powered parachute DPE (Designated Pilot Examiner) rating. In 2007 when he had his annual review with the staff from the FAA Light Sport Branch from Oklahoma City he earned his powered parachute SFIE (Sport Flight Instructor Examiner) rating. We are now able to perform the practical tests required for the issuance of your FAA powered parachute sport pilot certificate and CFI, for those wanting to become Certified Flight Instructors in powered parachutes. Let Phil's many years of experience and his credentials work for you to put you in the pilot's seat as Pilot in Command of your very own Powrachute powered parachute. For more instructor information, click here. Instructor

Flying Options: Flying Options: We offer a complete choice of flight options, from a Discovery Instructional Fight that allows you to find out for yourself what it is like to fly powered parachutes. This will place you in the back seat of our dual controlled Powrachute Pegasus powered parachute so you can see for yourself what it feels like to fly low and slow. Once we have reached a safe altitude, you will be able to "fly" the powered parachute aircraft yourself, making turns and controlling altitude with the use of the throttle. For more information on the Discovery flight click here. Discovery Flight

The First Flight Course is the beginning of our pilot training program. It places you in the front seat of the powered parachute aircraft with your flight instructor (CFI) in the back seat. Your instructor will do the take off and get you up to maneuvering altitude. He will be explaining over the intercom what you will be doing and answering any questions you may have. Once you have seen how the powered parachute maneuvers, you will take the controls and be flying the powered parachute, maintaining level flight and making turns in the pattern that was demonstrated to you by your flight instructor. This will be the start of your journey to earning your Sport Pilot certificate for powered parachutes, or it can take you to flying a single seat powered parachute that meets the FAA ultralight rules of Part 103. For more information on the First Flight course, click here. First Flight

Be a Powered Parachute Sport Pilot in 14 days. Our Powered Parachute Sport Pilot accelerated flight training course or Powered Parachute Boot Camp provides all you need in order to earn your FAA Sport Pilot certificate for Powered Parachutes. It includes all the training books and materials you will need, a one to one flight instructor to student ratio and of course a powered parachute aircraft to train in. It also provides a full ground school on Power Point which will give you the best learning experience and prepare you for the powered parachute FAA written knowledge test as well as the powered parachute practical test or check ride. For more information on our Sport Pilot powered parachute accelerated training program, click here. Accelerated Training

We also have a sport pilot powered parachute training program for those not able to devote 14 days all in one gulp to doing it. For more information, click here. Accelerated Training

Are you already a licensed pilot and want to start flying powered parachutes? We have a program for you as well so you can add the powered parachute category and class to your pilot certificate. For more information, click here. Private Pilot Course

Are you looking to earn your CFI (Certified Flight Instructor) rating for powered parachutes? Inland Paraflite can help you become a powered parachute flight instructor. For more information, click here. CFI Training

If you are already a powered parachute pilot and need a flight review, we can do that for you as well. For more information, click here. Flight Review

If you have received all of your powered parachute flight training, passed the written knowledge test and are looking for an FAA DPE (Designated Pilot Examiner) to conduct your powered parachute practical test (check ride) Inland Paraflite can help you. Phil Dietro holds DPE credentials and can conduct your powered parachute practical test for sport pilot or powered parachute CFI, since he also holds SFIE (Sport Flight Instructor Examiner) credentials. For more information, click here. Practical Test

If you're looking to just fly under FAR Part 103 ultralight rules and fly a single seat powered parachute, Inland Paraflite is one of the few flight schools that offers instruction you to fly single seat powered parachutes. For more information, click here. Part 103

If you would like to know what the FAA rules and flight training requirements for flying a 2 place powered parachute are, we have that information available. Click here for information on powered parachute FAA requirements for a sport pilot certificate. Requirements

We are also California's dealer for Powrachute Powered Parachutes (PPC's). We fly the Powrachute Pegasus, and offer the full line of Powrachute powered parachutes. We offer the AWESOME performance of the 100 HP Powrachute AIRWOLF 2 place light sport aircraft, and the Powrachute Pegasus, which is what we fly. Powrachute and Inland Paraflite have what you're looking for in powered parachute light sport aircraft. "Ask the pilot who flies one." Powrachute, the finest Light Sport Powered Parachute Aircraft on the market today. I know you will have questions about powered parachutes, so click here for our powered parachute FAQ page. FAQ Page

If you want to see some beautiful pictures of powered parachutes in flight, click here to go to our photo tour page. Photo Tour

You will see some breath taking pictures taken in Monument Valley while in flight in a powered parachute. I know many have seen these beautiful vistas on television and in movies, but seeing Monument Valley from the view you get while flying a powered parachute is awesome.

monument valley powered parachute or paraplane flight monument valley powered parachute or paraplane flight  monument valley powered parachute or paraplane flight 

There are also pictures from the color country chute festivals of the past, with the aerial ballet. You will see the best aerobatic powered parachute pilot and 2 time powered parachute World Champion Clyde Poser doing things with a powered parachute that most would believe are not possible, but as you will see, they are, with the right pilot. We also highly recommend that you "Don't try this at home yourself." Clyde is a high time pilot flying everything from powered parachutes to Boeing 767's, and has practiced these maneuvers for many hours.

monument valley powered parachute or paraplane flightCall us to schedule your flight in the Powrachute Pegasus now. We are located in the beautiful high desert of Southern California, in the Los Angeles area, in Apple Valley, which is next door to Victorville just off Interstate 15. We are less than a 1-hour drive from Ontario International Airport (ONT), so, while we are on the West Coast, we are easy to get to. We are also about 2 hours from Los Angeles' LAX & Orange County's John Wayne Airport.

Inland Paraflite can set up a powered parachute flight training schedule to suit your needs right here in California using our Powrachute Pegasus powered parachute equipped with the required dual flight controls. We also allow you to do your solo time in our powered parachute. For pilots wanting to fly their own airplane into local airports from anywhere in America to airports in our area for powered parachute flying, we have Apple Valley KAPV, Southern California Logistics in Victorville KVCV, Hesperia L26, and we're just down the mountain from Big Bear Lake airport L35 and ski resorts. Of course you can also book commercial airlines into Los Angeles International (LAX) or closer to us is Ontario International (ONT), or even into Las Vegas (LAS) at McCarran International as well.

Other attractions close are the Disney parks, & Knott's Berry Farm, 90 minutes south of us in Orange County. And, of course, let's not forget all the beautiful beaches available to you while having your flying vacation. We also have two major league baseball teams; the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Los Angeles Angels that you can plan to take in while you're out here on your flying vacation. To the north about 3 hours drive is Fabulous Las Vegas, and closer, on the way, is Calico Ghost Town. You can explore the old mine shafts, and see a restored Wild West town. Call us today at (760) 242-3359 or click here to send us an email to schedule your introduction to the fun of low & slow Magic Carpet flight in Powered Parachutes.

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