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Photo Tour

These photo's were taken during the 2005 Color Country Chute Festival held in Hurricane, Utah, Oct 19th to the 23rd, 2005. There were over 100 pilots & planes present, along with vendors.

On Saturday Oct. 22nd, we were all treated to the Aerial Ballet, put on by 5 exceptional pilots. You will see some pictures of extreme aerobatic maneuvers, including powered parachutes in an inverted flight position with smoke generators on.. These maneuvers are being done by pilots that have practiced them for many hundreds of hours & have the required skills to do them safely. Watching these maneuvers is as exciting as seeing the U.S. Navy Blue Angels or the U.S.A.F. Thunderbirds doing their aerobatic demonstrations.

Aerial Ballet Aerial Ballet

On Sunday, Oct. 23rd, some 30 or more pilots went to Monument Valley, that beautiful country you have seen in many John Wayne westerns. Flying there has been one of my dreams as a powered parachute pilot, and seeing these monuments up close & personal, & from above, & being able to fly around them is an experience that I am unable to put into words. I hope the pictures will do that for me.

Monument Valley from the Air
Flying Monument Valley

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