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Your Powered Parachute Flight Instructor

Phil Dietro, President of Inland Paraflite, Inc. is an FAA Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) with a Sport pilot rating for Powered Parachute Land, (PPCL) or what we refer to as a Powered Parachute.

He is also an FAA SPE (Sport Pilot Examiner) and an SFIE (Sport Flight Instructor Examiner) To receive these ratings, you must be a CFI with a lot of training experience, and must be selected to attend the 1 week long training seminar held at the FAA’s Light Sport Branch in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Here you are evaluated by FAA inspectors, trained in the duties of an examiner, and must pass a practical test & check ride with an FAA inspector.

The SPE is authorized to test Sport Pilot candidates, administering the Practical Test & check ride. Upon successful completion, he issues the new sport pilot their temporary pilot certificate. As an SFIE, Phil is able to administer the practical test & check ride for sport pilots that are ready to become CFI’s, and issue their temporary CFI license upon successful completion of the CFI practical test. A CFI must know all that a sport pilot knows, but to a more precise level and be able to teach it as well. Their flight skills must be to a more precise level as well.

Sport Pilot Student preparing for takeoff on solo flight

Phil has been flying powered parachutes since August of 1992, and has tremendous experience that he shares with all his students. As a high time pilot and CFI, Phil brings a wealth of real world flying experience to the table and can share and teach things that a new or low time CFI has yet to experience for themselves.

One of our goals is to constantly update our training material and actual flight training as student needs may require. You will find that Phil is both a competent instructor & pilot, and is very professional in his training, and he expects the best from his students. Phil’s primary goal is providing you a safe, fun and exciting experience in Powered Parachute instruction and flying enjoyment.

Phil was very fortunate to go through the last class given by the inventor of the Paraplane, Steve Snyder. He's also the inventor of the self-opening ram air parachute, which is used by the military and most sport skydivers. The Ram Air Parachute is used on all powered parachute aircraft. We have a great deal of involvement with the Powered Parachute industry and your instruction, including knowledge, experience and commitment. This allows YOU to relax and enjoy...


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